Danish city puts pork on the school lunch menu: Should serving traditional foods be more important than cultural sensitivity?

  • Serving traditional foods be more important than cultural sensitivity

    We live in the United States. Instead of government always caving to the cultural agenda, perhaps the offended culturalists should conform. Political correctness has gone awry. When the government gets involved, it makes less and less people happy and while catering to the many the costs go up significantly. You live in the U.S., then follow our customs.

  • Preserving our traditions

    In an effort to be culturally sensitive, we strive to use words that do not offend and not make assumptions about people who may look or live differently than ourselves. If pork is a part of the Danish culture, then offering it at schools should not be offensive to anyone. Especially is we live in a society where there is freedom of choice.

  • Infringement Of Rights Occurs Regardless

    Cultural sensitivity is a newer phenomenon, and ends up infringing on the rights of others regardless. I've never been in a situation where someone of a minority culture wasn't able to adapt and understand that they were the minority, and the entire situation was going to be changed for them. In elementary school, Jewish kids would bring non-pork products for lunch the days the school was serving it, and there were never any issues. They understood they weren't the majority population. Changing all for a few ends up hurting the masses, and it is much easier to help the few adapt to the world of the many.

  • I think quality shold be important.

    I think schools should serve a variety of quality, healthy food to its students, and the students themselves and their families would then decide what part of the menu they would like to have. It is important for schools to be culturally sensible, but it iis most important that students get a choice,

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