Danish world record: Are windmills the new way to get our electricity?

  • Maybe not the New or Is that old way but a good alternative.

    Wind mills have been an energy source for years. These are also a way to go off the grid to be able to get electricity which is a plus as well. Also, these are something that always made me laugh at that silly TV series Revolution when the electricity went off. I was like wait what happen to all the wind mills in the world. Why not just go this route along with other alternative sources of energy. I don't know if wind mills will replace the grid but they are certainly a good alternative.

  • Windmills: The Way To The Future

    Why not? Why don't we try to actively use the elements that are presented to us to create electricity? Why don't we use something more natural and environmentally friendly to help us? I think that using windmills will create a better place to live, with less pollution in the air as well as a steady flow of natural electricity. We have to keep striving for something better.

  • I would love a windmill

    I would put in a windmill if I could. I would love to be able to generate my own electricity and possibly sell it to the power company. We definitely need to find new energy sources and this is a clean way to produce energy. It does require some air movement, do not everyone could make a lot of energy with it. I have seen them in old towns like Williamsburg and they are still working.

  • Better than nothing

    No single form of alternative energy will be a panacea. What works in Denmark or Japan might not work in Indonesia. That being said, any part of the solution to the global energy crisis is a welcomed addition to the playbook. Windmills have proven to be extremely effective in the United States. If China and other major consumers of energy can apply this technology, it might make the world just a little bit better.

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