Dark Mail: Are you comfortable with the amount of access the government has to your email?

  • It is not good, but I'm comfortable with it.

    I don't like that the NSA is reading our emails for the sake of homeland security. It's a clear violation of our privacy and rights. It's kind of useless since people just email pictures of cats to each other. But, since the question is asking if I am comfortable with it, then yes I am. I don't use email frequently and when I do, it's just weird files I like to send to friends.

  • Not comfortable, not surprised either

    In a word, no! Who would be comfortable being spied on in any arena. I'm reminded of the adage. "never write anything in an email that you wouldn't say to the world in general." People have a false sense of security when it comes to email. Having said that, I do agree that for our own safety, it is probably a good thing.

  • We all should have our privacy

    I believe all Americans should have privacy. There is no good reason the government should have access to all aspects of our lives at any given moment. I believes this takes the freedom away that we all should have as Americans. I don't think they should have any access at all to anything that we don't give them access to.

  • My Email Should Be Private

    I am uncomfortable with the amount of access the government has to my email. What I write to people and what I receive is my personal business. I understand that certain measures have to take place in order to ensure national security, but the government should not target all of its citizens. Instead, it should target the email accounts of people who pose a threat to national security.

  • It's simply an atrocious abuse of perceived omnipotence.

    I, too, am not surprised. Our government started out so great, and it could be so great, but we are just folding under the pressure. The end began with Bush, and sadly, Obama hasn't exactly turned it out around. What I really don't understand is how this could even work! If it doesn't work, then it's just invasive.

    Furthermore, how has the Supreme Court not ruled against this? How has this not even been brought up? Is this not a blatant violation of the First Amendment?

  • This intervention is abusive

    This is definitely an abusive intervention on behalf of the government and a clear threaten to our civil rights as American Citizens. Besides, I don't think that a terrorist can be stupid enough to handle their business openly via email: this is why codes exist, so I don't think that this really works for making the world a safer place.

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