Dark Web Jihadis: How should the United States address this new threat?

  • There have been many threatens to the u.s.a.

    Malicious actors regularly congregate in the deep and dark web to plan, execute and profit from a range of illicit activity – from hacking, financial fraud and intellectual property theft to terrorism and other violent acts.In the last year, new trends have escalated cybercriminal activity around the world, including the maturing of the Chinese and French underground communities.Meanwhile, specialised marketplaces have emerged in parallel with the growth in illicit good marketplaces.“When you combine that with novel schemes being used for fraud and financial crime, the expertise necessary to engage in illicit activity has been lowered substantially, and we now have a larger class of less sophisticated actors engaging in cybercrime,” said Josh Lefkowitz, CEO at security intelligence firm Flashpoint.Intelligence about this activity can help organisations prepare for the latest threats before they surface.Researchers at Flashpoint have identified the five most prolific trends that pose the greatest risk to organisations and their critical assets.

  • Dark Web Jihadis Are Serious Threat to Security

    Organized, well thought out cyber attacks are another serious threat to U.S. national security. Too many opportunities are actionable terrorist plans coming to fruition. Opportunities of banking, financing terrorist activities, illegal profits and tax evasion are just four areas of concern. A task force inside Homeland Security that works with the NSA, CIA, and FBI should address these cyber activities. Sounds like NSA looking at every message? It should. Safety due to diligence is better than a repeat of 9/11 in any form.

  • The US should get involved in the "dark web"

    The "dark web" is a territory of the Internet where jihadists tend to dwell. Until now, the US has not ventured into this uncharted territory, but I think it's time to change that. As the threat of jihad grows, the US should target them right where they are, which is the "dark web."

  • The United States should address the threat of Dark Web Jihadis as quickly as possible.

    Dark Web Jihadis are a threat to America's national security and should be addressed quickly. The Dark Web is difficult to police, but action should be taken quickly to track and find the Jihadi's hiding behind the dark web before they are able to harm the United States or other countries.

  • We should monitor and cut off countries and hotspots of great threat ...

    We should monitor and cut off countries and hotspots of great threat . For example, we need to have government people from the inside infiltrating the sites, whether the threats are coming from inside the US or outside. We have to be one step ahead of the terrorists and potential terrorists.

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