• Information posted on an electronic devise has the possibly of being stolen.

    Even with the latest technology, one will always run the risk of their information being compromised. Hackers have gained more access to information that would have been considered protected by the latest technology. You can try to keep your information safe by keeping up to date protection programs on your electronic devices and be aware of anything and everything that you post online. While this is not completely without risk, it will give you peice of mind that you are trying your best.

  • It's just a negative side effect of technological development.

    The point of technological advancements is to make our lives easier and making doing our day to day tasks more convenient. For instance, credit/debit cards make it convenient to use your money almost anywhere by making your bank accounts more accessible. The easier it is for you to access something, the easier it would be for anyone else to do the same.

  • No, your information cannot be truly secure.

    As more and more people choose to shop on the internet as well as using it for banking, there will always be ways to capture people's information. With the increase of contactless transactions I have to question the security of this. I feel that there will always be somebody somewhere who will do their best to get your personal information - online as well as offline - and I feel that as banking becomes less personal it opens up an unsecure world.

  • No, your data can't ever truly be secure

    Your data can't ever truly be secure because someone is always collecting data for the purpose of finding out how to better do their job. For example, Google tracks user searches and the most searched for terms. As a result of all of the data collected they are the best search engine in the world. The only way data will be secure is if the people collecting the data are trustworthy and do not share it with many other companies for profit.

  • Nothing is secure anymore

    No. There is no doubt in my mind that any and all information is no longer secure. In whatever area we are discussing - banking, work environment, computers, government - no information is safe, it is all fair game to those who want to aquire it and make it their business to do so.

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