• I feel badly for the widow of David Goldberg

    Regardless of your feelings about a particular person, dealing with death is difficult for anyone. Sheryl Sandberg is like any other spouse in that respect and deserves sympathy regarding her husband's untimely death. The circumstances of his death are not relevant, nor are anyone's feelings regarding his or her business lives or other activities.

  • I Feel Bad for Dave Goldberg's Widow

    The poor man was on vacation with his family and friends, and died while he was working out. It's a horrible thing to happen to anyone. Ms. Sandberg, Mr. Goldberg's widow, said that she feels like she's had the rug pulled out from under her. She loved her husband dearly and I feel bad for anyone who faces this kind of loss.

  • Yes I feel sorry for Sheryl Sandberg, the widow of Dave Goldberg.

    Yes I feel sorry for Sheryl Sandberg and the family of, the widow of "Dave" Goldberg the founder of LAUNCH Media and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SurveyMonkey (a $2 billion dollar Silicon Valley start-up.) By all accounts Sandberg and Goldberg had an excellent marriage and family life. He supported her in all career choices.

  • Sheryl Sandberg Deserves All Of Our Sympathy

    Sheryl Sandberg deserves our support and respect. The message that she posted about her true feelings of sorrow were heartfelt. She showed a great sense of feeling and understanding of loss. Sheryl is truly right in her feelings that she stated in her message about how she is dealing with her loss. Anyone who has faced the loss of a loved one will understand her message.

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