David Blaine still performing magic: Are people impressed with magic shows today?

  • Yes, I think so.

    The magician has awed and impressed many people, including celebrities, with his impeccable magic tricks. David Blaine is famous for many of his death-defying endurance stunts, such as being buried alive or encased in ice. Fans love for the magician is due to his Houdini- style performances. He earns a lot of money from gigs and private shows for many celebrities.

  • There is still an element of wonder associated with the known.

    Because most of what we know in the world today can be dissected by scientific explanations and logic, a certain element of wonder and joy exists with and illusion. When we witness something like a magic trick or illusion that we cannot immediately figure out or readily explain, it gives us a sort of thrill and sense of excitement. I think people still enjoy these moments today.

  • People are still impressed with magic shows today.

    People are still impressed with magic and magic shows. If done well, magic shows can be a lot of fun for people. The art of illusion is always fascinating and never gets old. New technologies have allowed magicians to expand on old magic tricks and impress even the hardest critics.

  • It is an old art.

    This is not the 1900s, where a person walking across Niagara Falls in a wheelbarrow was high entertainment. Special effects today can do all of the magic that Blaine is doing. Blaine tries to be the shock jock of magic, but people would be impressed with things that are far more simple than that.

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