David Harbour: If You Hate Somebody, Just Punch Him In The Face: Was his statement pulled out of context?

  • I think so

    He was clearly trying to reject 'Trumpism' and the bullying associated with it as well as the Muslim ban. He wasn't advocating violence, but was trying to remind his fellow actors that the arts are and should be inclusive and that they should stand up for diversity and against exclusion.

  • Yes, I hope he means this figuratively.

    Yes, I'm hoping it's out of context. I don't thing David Harbour means this literally. I don't believe he encourages violence. I believe he means this figuratively as in "Don't stand there and take it" when you see something wrong. I believe he means act, and act swiftly. But I don't think he means act violently.

  • Ye ye ee

    He's a gay autistic retard so I don't think this opinion has any value. In fact, I think everyone here is an autistic gay retard, me included. This is why we should do the great purge, and cleanse the earth from human scum. I'm building the nuke right now, this is happening bois.

  • It was ridiculous.

    No, I don't think that David Harbour's statement was pulled out of context, but I also think that he was not really serious when he said it. We've probably all said things like this when we are frustrated, but most of us would never actually do it. People need to lighten up.

  • It's horrible by itself.

    There is no way that anyone can put context to the statement that a person should just punch someone in the face if they hate them. First of all, you shouldn't hate anyone. Second, even if you did, you should never take the next step and hurt another person. There's no way to justify a comment like that.

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