David Letterman retiring: Are you disappointed that David Letterman will retire next year?

  • David Letterman was the Best

    David Letterman was the greatest talk show host on television. He had every single celebrity, athlete, and politician you could think of on the show. his humor rivaled that of Conan O'brien and Jay Leno. His subtle attitude gave the show personality. David Letterman's replacement has some big shoes to fill.

  • Yes, he is a great host.

    His top ten segment was one of the funniest of all time. He had a wonderful ability to relate to all of his guests and his humor will be greatly missed. I also question if any new host will be able to follow in his footsteps and retain some of the high caliber stars that he could consistently get to come to his show.

  • I'm fine with it

    David Letterman has been doing his show on CBS for a long time and I'm totally fine with him deciding to retire. I actually admire people who realize they don't need any more money so why not go out on top rather than waiting until they get older and sometimes have to be forced out. Letterman is smart for getting out. I'm betting he has other ventures planned as well.

  • No, because I never watched Letterman.

    I'm personally not disappointed about David Letterman's recent announcement that he's going to retire. However, I was extremely disappointed when Jay Leno was removed since he's always seemed like a real guy and a very kind celebrity, so I can understand why Letterman's fans might be disappointed. It also seems like the passing of an era since these two are now both going to be gone from late night television.

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