David Martinez Didn't Know He Was Undocumented: Should we cap immigration based on country of origin?

  • Current problems are from it.

    Yes, we should cap immigration based on the country of origin, because that's how we limited immigration so that we became a melting pot. We limited the immigration of the Irish, and then the Germans. We should now limit the immigration of the Mexicans so that we stay the melting pot of many nations, rather than become a little Mexico.

  • Country Caps on Immigration are Wrong

    All immigrants who can go through the legal process to become citizens of the United States should be allowed to do so. Capping immigration based on country is unfairly restrictive to this process and so should not be our policy. America has always welcomed all legal immigrants and should continue to.

  • Martinez Udocumented why?

    What happened from the time he was born until now? what happened to the documents that was proved him to be born. If this happened to one person just imagine how many more are the same way, what is going on, as we get older do our records dissapear as well?

  • I don't think so

    I don't think we should cap immigration based on country of origin. As a country, we need immigration reform, but I don't think it should be done by setting quotas from specific countries. America is a nation of immigrants, and the variety of immigrants from all nations has enriched our country.

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