David Wilson getting ready to retire: Will this be a positive change for the Giants?

  • Positive change for the Giants

    David Wilson getting ready to retire will be a positive change for the Giants. Though he may have been a great asset to the team their are many more people out their that need a chance and could do extrememely well maybe even better than David Wislson ever could have dreamed of.

  • He was overrated.

    I know David Wilson was a first-round pick. We all expected him to be wildly explosive, especially in fantasy. He had a 40+ inch vertical. But he was really just an ok football player that the media overhyped. Watch out for powerhouse Andre Williams, who will be a beast. Williams now has a clear path behind only mediocre Rashad Jennings.

  • My hubby is in mourning.

    Wilson was a giant among Giants. He was a great player. We were surprised by his decision. He isn't old, washed-up, etc. Yes, he's been injured. Eventually, they all go through that. But a guy with his caliber of expertise doesn't come along every day. Even if NY finds a talented replacement, it will take years for him to reach Wilson's current level. This is a huge loss for the Giants. I don't see the team rebounding from it, anytime soon.

  • No,I think someone with his skill is needed on the team.

    No,I think someone with his skill is needed on the team. Whenever you have someone who plays with passion and heart it can add so much to a team. I think he could have had a huge career in the NFL if he had not got injured. I think the giants are a worse team without him.

  • No.l dom't think it wil be a positive

    I can not see how David Wilson leaving could be a positive change. I think the Giants are really going to miss what he brings on and off the field. I feel that it can mess with the chemistry of the football team and could do more harm than any good.

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