DC handgun ban: Does the 2nd amendment confer only a collective (yes) or an individual right to arms (no)?

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  • Read the second amendment

    It gives individuals the right to hear arms to protect them selves from tyranny and any criminal who will want to rape them, steal from them or kill them. Since they used the same wording that they did in the other amendments I guess if we don't have the individual right to own guns we don't have the individual right to free speech.

  • Individuals Have The Right

    According to the Supreme Court of the United States, the right to bear arms is an individual, not a collective right. This makes perfect sense considering that when the constitution was written, guns in the hands of citizens was necessary to prevent a strong central government from having too much power.

  • We have a right to own guns

    The Second Amendment, alongside various similar state constitutional amendments, are clear: the American people have a right to bear arms, and that includes guns. When gun control advocates try to claim otherwise, they are being dishonest and are simply not approaching the argument in an honest and consistent fashion and they are not going to win anyone over like that.

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