• DC is better

    DC has a lot cooler characters like compare the justice league to the avengers witch one is cooler. Green Arrow and Hawkeye? Is it really even a debate. Spiderman is cool but DC has better universe as well as plots and characters. At this point marvel on has Stan Lee.

  • I personally like DC comics.

    The Avengers isn't really my cup of tea. I might like Hulk, but I have a weird dislike of Captain America. Also, it might be that I don't find Spiderman that interesting. I like DC comics better. It could be because I read that DC comic series first, or that I really like the Teen Titans series. (The old one, the one based off the first TV show after the Teen Titans. I honestly don't like the newer version of the TV show, Teen Titans Go.) It's my opinion...

  • Marvel is like way to OP

    I like both but DC has more developed characters and above decent plots. Marvel has too much people that are OP. I am talking about Franklin Richard who has the ability to warp reality and it was hinted that he is controlling the whole entire marvel universe. THIS KID IS LIKE 10 May I add. Another really OP character is Deadpool. I am not saying I don't like him but he's legit too op and he has a comic where he kills(both directly and indirectly) every hero and villain in the marvel universe. Not to mention that most people find that to be cannon. Point is that Marvel is too OP

  • Marvel is better

    I think marvel has more movies than dc and most of the dc comics and movies don't make scene. Plus some heroes and villains don't make scene like super man and the villains he fights and batman and his villains don't make scene either. Therefore I think Mavel is a better company.

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