• Elected officials should be accessible

    Yes, I believe that we need to have more opportunities to communicate with elected officials. We elect these people into office, so we should be able to speak to them and voice our concerns with how they are completing their duties. This will make for a more informed decision of either re-electing these individuals or choosing some else in the future.

  • Communication is always good

    There more ways there are to communicate with our elected officials, the better the situation will be. Our politicians need t always stay connected with their districts. When they get a job in Washington DC, they tend to lose touch with the citizens they represent and vote in ways that are not representative.

  • People should be given more of a chance to communicate.

    The officials were elected by the people to represent them, so the people should be given as much a chance as is reasonable to be able to communicate with the officials that they elect. People should be able to express concerns, voice opinions, and so on with the officials that were elected.

  • Yes we do

    Yes, we need a few more ways so that we can talk directly to an official and so that we can ask them what they plan to do for us, and so that we can make sure that they know what we want. I think that right now they do not talk with the public enough.

  • Yes We Do

    I believe we do need more opportunities to communicate with elected officials. For the most part the only option is e-mail, which I believe is unfair given their actual job description. I believe these officials need to spend more time interacting with the people they supposedly work for via more town hall meetings.

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