DEA continues to target pot: Is marijuana still a serious problem in the United States?

  • Yes; it should remain illegal by all means

    Marijuana is a "gateway" drug; most users of cocaine, heroin and other more dangerous substances began with marijuana. It is proven that marijuana leads to increased violence; in contrast, no one is getting robbed or killed over a case of beer. THC in pill form is also substantially more effective than smoking the substance, calling into question legalization of medical usage.

  • I don't think marijuana is as serious a problem anymore

    Marijuana seems to have taken a back seat to meth and other easily made drugs. Marijuana can be difficult to obtain, but meth can be made easily without a lot of resources very cheaply. I think marijuana is still an issue but with medicinal laws taking place I think it's use has diminished.

  • No, marijuana is only an easy scapegoat and not a serious problem.

    In the year 2016, history was made in relation to drugs in the United States - Marijuana is now legal recreationally in multiple states, and nearly half of the US for medical use. Meanwhile, opioids (prescription and illicit) killed more people in the US than car accidents. By continuing to claim that marijuana is a serious issue, the DEA and other parts of the US government are wasting resources, and misinforming the population on the dangers, or lack thereof, that surround them. Marijuana's medical legalization has been shown to correlate with lower opioid overdoses in that state. It is time that an educated and sensible drug policy be used in this country.

  • It's not a problem

    Marijuana is not a problem. The problem is that we are still criminalizing it, and clogging up our legal systems and jails and prisons with people who use pot. Many states have already legalized it, and have proved that legalization is good all around. There are a lot worse things happening in this world that we should be focusing our efforts on.

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