DEA mistakenly leaves college student unmonitored in holding cell for 5 days. Is this proof that the War on Drugs is failing?

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  • No, it just means that kids have to stop texting so much....

    Seriously, how do you sit in a holding cell for 5 whole days and NOT know that youre there? I mean as a teen I periodically forget where I am when im texting people, but if I ended up in a holding cell and didnt know about it FOR 5 DAYS then I think I am the one with the problem... Not the DEA

    If anything this just shows that there needs to be a war on texting.

  • It is failing but this doesn't prove it, it is a good reason to end it though

    This incident of cruel treatment thanks to the hysteria whipped up over drugs is a good enough reason to say that even if it was working somewhat it's not worth the human cost.

    But it's not the reason that it's failing. The war on drugs is failing because no matter how hard the government tries people keep taking them. There are an unlimited number of possible drugs and make headway against one people replace it with something else. They can't even control and haven't even bothered to ban datura and its derivatives and this is arguably the most dangerous drug to take causing up to several days of delirium where you forget most of what happens, can't tell if you are awake or dreaming, and have experiences like smoking imaginary cigarettes and talking to friends who aren't actually there. And take too much benadryl which some people have done on purpose and it can actually have similar effects though for a much shorter duration. (Don't do it, trust me it's not worth the trouble).

    You have what is at high enough doses a very dangerous and potentially fatal drug, benadryl and you can get it over the counter yet marijuana is illegal. This alone shows how the war on drugs is used for special interests. Since the government isn't actually interested in ending drug use and only cares about appeasing special interests the war on drugs is clearly not going to work.

    Add to that that it surfaces again and again that the biggest drug warriors are hypocrites. A New York state Senator who was against marijuana was caught with it! A federal agency was once caught up in a scandal involving corrupt deals with corporate executives it was meant to regulate and they were having coke parties together! It's an open secret in the business world that businessmen and bankers love cocaine, and then these hypocrites say drugs are bad and fund drug warrior politicians.

  • Not that is' 'failing.'

    The writer of this should use a dictionary...

    This does not mean it's failing... It means it's not as focused as it should be, and obviously not paying enough attention, but it has NOTHING to do with whether or not the war is failing. The Author clearly doesn't know how to define whether or not a program is failing.

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