Dean Potter Dead in Yosemite accident : Will his death lead to safer climbing practices?

  • Yes, with this influencial climbers death, safer climbing habits will happen

    The recent death of an influential climber, should cause more rules and laws to increase for climber. These regulations and rules will help increase the safety of the climbers. After seeing this random, tragic incident, many climbers are likely to be safer with their climbs. Many may not want to follow rules and regulations, but many do not want to die a nasty death.

  • Extreme sports enthusiasts will continue to do what they love

    The death of extreme sports legend Dean Potter serves as a sad reminder of the dangers involved in pursuing thrills of this kind. Surely some will use more caution next time they set out to do some base jumping or skydiving or whatever extreme sport they love. But it is doubtful Potter's death will create any major changes in climbing practices.

  • High Risk, High Price

    Despite the tragic death of famed climber Dean Potter, safety standards for high risk activities are already set to the maximum limit and leave little if any room for improvement. Activities such as base jumping and wingsuit flights are inherently dangerous and there is always a calculated risk; however, experienced jumpers like Potter are highly trained and take special care to ensure their own and other’s safety. The simple fact is that when one engages in dangerous activities, there is always a chance that death will occur. A lack of safe climbing practices was not the cause of Potter’s death.

  • Daredevils won't be stopped by Potter death

    It's tempting to say that Dean Potter's tragic death will lead other to reconsider high risks sports such as base jumping. But Potter's death wasn't a result of unsafe climbing practices. It was caused by Potter's blatant disregard for the safe practices many climbers choose each day. Potter was infamous - and celebrated - for his casual acceptance of danger. He revelled in the risk and in the end, he died - along with fellow climber Graham Hunt. Base jumping is illegal in many places yet Potter continued to pursue it - even in places where it is outlawed. Safer climbing practices can't stop those who choose to ignore their own safety in pursuit of thrills.

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