Death penalty: Are executions required to uphold justice?

  • The Death Penalty is a necessary evil to uphold the well being of the state.

    While most people would argue that the death penalty is cruel, and unjust, consider the following. If sentenced to life in prison, the tax payers pay $31,286 per inmate with a gross total of $39 billion dollars a year. That is money that could go toward schools, or other public projects, but is going straight towards evil people who have broken the law. I am not saying that everyone should be killed if they commit any crime... Murder in any degree except for manslaughter should be penalized for their wrong doing, in taking the life of another human. It is simple concept, an eye for an eye. Murder someone, pay for your crimes with death.

  • Death penalty is need

    Implementing the death penalty nationwide is important because of the democratic ideal of justice, a fair treatment according to law.
    What stops a person from killing? They go to jail, with a bed to sleep on food to eat, and a possibility of escaping? “Some of these convicts actually spent time on death row but were not executed. They will now all walk free while most of their victims are dead and no longer have that option. Those who were victims of rape and assault will most likely never escape the prison created for them by these monsters.”( Francis De Luca) We are letting these people live and sometimes even walk free on the streets, while these victims are either dead, or internally scarred spending everyday looking over their shoulder. The death penalty provides justice to those whom were affected by the killer, and supports civil rights, by protecting the people around the killer, and helping them sleep at night without worrying.

  • Executions are needed.

    Executions are needed to uphold justice as well as lesson the financial responsibility of the state. The thought of execution would prevent me from committing a crime. It is also cheaper to give someone the death penalty than to feed, provide medical, and house them for twenty years. I only wish they did not sit on death row for so long.

  • Justice is Subjective

    Executions are not the answer to justice. By servicing a purpose of closure and the possibility of instilling fear in criminals, this isn't doing anything for justice. Whatever criminals have done to be jailed and in death row, execution will not make these crimes go away. Our complex legal and incarceration systems can stem from fear, not justice.

  • No, but there might be other reasons.

    The death penalty probably does not do anything at all to foster the sense of justice in the United States. However, there could be other reasons why an execution is necessary, depending upon how many resources will be used to keep someone dangerous away from the rest of a vulnerable society.

  • No they are not.

    Death penalties are not require to uphold justice. The execution of people is not a good way to show that we care about people because all we are doing is taking away a persons life for doing that exact thing. That puts us at their level and makes us no better than them.

  • Executions are not required, but they make a valid point

    No, executions are not required to uphold justice, although some crimes warrant an execution. When people are aware that they may be executed if they commit a certain crime, they are more likely to not commit the crime. Our justice system sometimes protect the criminals more than the victim. The death penalty is usually only given if a life has been taken, so this may be the justice that is wanted, but it does not have to be.

  • They are not.

    The death penalty is not required to uphold justice. It would be more justice if that person were to rot in a maximum security prison for the rest of their life instead of being able to take the easy way out and being put to death. It is also very expensive to do that.

  • No,executions are not required to uphold justice.

    No,executions are not required to uphold justice.If one of the goals of justice is retribution,then life in prison can be seen as a much harsher punishment than execution.The criminal will have to live with other prisoners and put up with the punishment that dole out in their their own system.

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