Death penalty for child rape: Is the death penalty justified in instances of child rape?

  • Death penalty warranted.

    These are evil people. The risk of escape warrants the death penalty. If they were to be paroled, or break jail, the risk to innocent lives is far too great. Rehabilitation is not likely for those who commit such heinous crimes. Unfortunately, there is movement afoot to ascribe this type of behavior as simply a "lifestyle choice" and thus justify it.

  • It should be

    It should be mandatory for all rapes as it ruins lives .
    People are raped and have their lives destroyed every day and it makes me sick that these people get to carry on with their lives. Nobody deserves to be raped and the rapists fo not deserve to live.

  • Child Rape is Heinous and Evil

    Child rape is a heinous and evil crime. It ruins the psyche of kids who will need therapy for the rest of their lives. Incestuous relationships with children should also be considered for the death penalty as it breaks the trust between a relative and child. There are no words to describe how horrible these crimes are to children and the death penalty, or at least castration, should be considered a punishment.

  • Yes, I believe the death penalty is justified in instances of child rape.

    Yes, I believe the death penalty is justified in instances of child rape. It takes a special kind of sick person to do something like that, and a person that sick needs to be taken out of the world. It is important that we as a nation do whatever it takes to protect our children from these monsters.

  • In some cases, the death penalty may be justified for rape

    Rape is a crime of violence, and in cases of child rape it's so much worse because of the long-term impact on the victim. When courts have issued rulings on this subject, most have found the death penalty for rape to be unconstitutional. Some crimes are so brutal, and some offenders are so remorseless that it may be justified. Even criminals recognize this crime as an especially evil one and there are incidences of harassment, violence and even murder of sex offenders in the prison population.

  • Yes, there is nothing worse.

    Yes, the death penalty is justified in instances of child rape, because there is no worse crime that a person could commit. The person who commits child rape has likely created future generations of victims, because many child victims will grow up to become perpetrators themselves. The person who rapes a child has no value in society.

  • Yes, this heinous crime requires harsh punishment

    I fully support the execution of child rapists. There is not any hope of rehabilitation since it is a psychological problem and cannot be therapied away. This is an extremely disgusting and heinous crime, and the only way to reduce the instances of it is to make the penalty so severe that no one would dare to try and get away with it.

  • It depend on circumstances

    For crime such as statutory rape,death penalty is not necessary because in statutory rape the perpetrator does not use force and sex is consensual so i would not threat the same as rape.However if child molestation involving in a small child let's say under 10 and result in death or serious injury,death penalty must be impose.

  • Keep them in prison for life.

    Child rape is a heinous crime, to be sure. But somehow I think that the death penalty for that crime would allow the convicted to get off way too easily for the innocence they've stolen. Have you heard what other prisoners do to child rapists? It isn't pretty. Put them in prison for life, and let the other prisoners deal with them on a daily basis. That's a fate worse than death.

  • No, the death penalty is not justified in instances of child rape

    No, the death penalty should not be used in instances of child rape. In no way is this crime something to be taken lightly but it does not justify taking a life. Branding them a child molester or even using something as chemical castration is enough of a punishment for what they have done.

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