Death penalty for juveniles: Should the death penalty ever be used on juveniles?

  • Consider mitigating circumstances...

    I am by no means advocating that every juvenile who commits a crime automatically be considered for the death penalty, however,I also don't believe that being underage should earn you a one-way ticket to exclusion either. Under some circumstances, i.e. heinous, violent crimes wherein an offender is very unlikely to be rehabilitated, the punishment should fit the crime. The threat of incarceration is not always an effective deterrent. An example would be Edmund Kemper( Co-ed Killer) who killed his grandparents as a juvenile, was incarcerated, released at 21 and went on to murder 6 female college students and later his mother and her friend. Incarceration did nothing to scare him away from murdering again.

  • Yes death penalties should be used in juvinilles.

    If its a serious crime like murder than why not? Adults get that so why shouldnt youth? I mean under 14 maybe not. But at the age of 14 you are old enough to know what you are doing and controll your actions. Being a youth myself i totally agree. How are people going to keep their families safe if that person only gets a small penalty they wont learn. Just a slap on the wrist. So indeed death penalties but only for major crimes

  • Yes, they know their actions.

    Yes, the death penalty should be used on juveniles, because they are usually old enough to appreciate their actions. All young adults know that killing is wrong. Those who have chosen to take a life should have their life taken as well. Often when a young person kills, they have killed a young person. There is no reason that a youth should be spared simply because of their age.

  • The death penalty should never be used on juveniles.

    The death penalty is barbaric and should not be used on anyone, especially juveniles. It is inhumane to kill people, and this punishment is already being banned in many countries. It is especially barbaric to use this form on punishment on minors. Teens and kids do not have the maturity of adults, and they should not be charged as adults.

  • Yes, think of the lives that it would save.

    All criminals do is bring harm to the citizens around you. We need to take care of this person of wrongdoing and bring peace back into the community. If you leave this person to suffer in prison, someone on the outside will have to suffer with them. They would have to pay for the supplies that the criminals need to survive prison. Also, if they are not terminated, there would be a possibility that they could escape and cause more sorrow and destruction. It could be you, we never know. Let's just get rid of this bad person and bring peace in knowing that you an your loved ones are safe.

  • No, I don't personally believe juveniles deserve the death penalty.

    Juvenile offenders typically have different punishments than adults, such as juvenile court and juvenile detention. It would be really sad to see any child put to death for a crime, and would seem like cruel and unusual punishment, which is not legal. Even if a child did a very heinous crime, it would still seem better to have them serve life in prison without possibility of parole, as opposed to such a drastic punishment.

  • Absolutely not. Never!

    Even though I am not completely against the death penalty, I think under no circumstances should it be given to juveniles. I think that just simply comes off as too far. A juvenile should not be put to death for any crime, but I do feel they should be tried as adults otherwise.

  • No, I do not believe the death penalty should ever be used on juveniles.

    No, I do not believe the death penalty should ever be used on juveniles, because they are children. Children who have been taught the wrong values in life often make mistakes. We should not kill them, rather teach them the right way to live in society, and give them a second chance.

  • No, the death penalty should not be used on juveniles.

    No, the death penalty should not at all be used on juveniles. I believe that if a juvenile committed a crime that would warrant the death penalty that they are not at the maturity level to realize the consequences their actions would have on that person or for themselves. In many ways they are at the age to be rehabilitated so they can at least attempt to live life normally.

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