• Only if 100% caertain

    I think that as long as the jury is in 100% agreement or the person admits to committing the crime then why should convicted murderers and rapists get another chance. A change like this will also mean that there is less fraudulent confessions in court resulting in less criminals on the streets.

  • Murderers and rapists are too evil to keep ...Also to costly

    Of course it would have to be thoroughly looked into, but our justice system does that anyway, but it would save money, time, effort and lives after their release from prison if we did. Plus it would scare people not to commit the crime even more due to our justice system giving out too shorter sentences for the crimes (All because of lack of prison space and funding)

  • How about no

    How about we dont have such a cruel, unneccesary, and archaic punishment anywhere in the world because as civilized human beings we should move beyond that. The death penalty is more expansive that life in prison, doesnt contribute to crime prevention, and kills many an inoccent person. I can even believe there is a such thing as a debate on wheather or not state sanctioned killing should exist.

  • Strongly disagree with death penalty.

    No matter how big the crime was, in my perspective I do not agree with death penalty. We're all humans, we all make mistakes and do a lot of things wrong in our lives and killing that person for what they did wrong is not such a great idea. Killing the criminal for their wrongdoing won't leave any benefits or teach them any lessons when they can be put in the prison where they can be given a time to think over their mistakes and learning their lessons instead of getting killed and not leaving any beneficial effects.

  • Not at all

    Death is much longer than life, but that doesn't mean a death penalty is justified. The criminal might have a chance to better themselves or at least understand the consequences of their actions. Every human life is unique, and getting rid of one just means that that one person won't leave an impact.

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