Death penalty: Is capital punishment economically justifiable and cost-effective?

  • The death penalty is economically justifiable and cost-effective

    The use of the death penalty versus life imprisonment saves huge amounts of money by eliminating the years of care, feeding, and housing the inmate as well as the appeals of and other legal needs of the inmate. If a prisoner is considered too much of a risk to be allowed among the general public and sentenced to life in prison that prisoner should just be put to death.

  • Yes, capital punishment is economically justifiable and cost-effective.

    Capital punishment is economically justifiable and cost-effective if the appropriate conditions are met. The Appeals process must be streamlined and persons that are found guilty by simple facts like DNA testing or caught in the act of a capital crime should by executed in a shorter time frame. House death row inmates for many years is not to be allowed.

  • People on death row do not belong in society.

    Capital punishment should be in every state and should be included in our taxes because it is a cost that we should not mind spending a little extra on. I would rather have a serial killer who was found guilty and received the death penalty put away than out in society with mine or anyone else children.

  • No, capital punishment wastes huge amounts of money

    It costs far more to execute a man or woman in America than it does to imprison
    him or her for life. Since an execution cannot be reversed, the law must be
    more cautious in proceedings leading to death than in those leading to lifetime
    imprisonment. So mandatory appeals to higher courts are required, and often
    followed by court battles and repeated stays of execution. This is money that
    could be used elsewhere. It could compensate the victim’s families, perhaps, or
    even train and equip more law enforcement personnel to protect all Americans from
    violent crime.

  • No it is not.

    The death penalty may be cost effective but it is not justifiable. It is not right to kill someone just because it is cheaper. I feel that prisons should be revamped to be more cost effective themselves. There is a lot of work that prisoners could do to offset the cost of prisons.

  • It is not.

    The death penalty is not economically justifiable and cost effective. It is in fact the complete opposite. Putting someone to death costs way more then letting them rot inside a maximum security prison for the rest of their lives. This is because of all of the appeals those criminals make.

  • Capital punishment is economically justifiable and cost-effective.

    It is cheaper to execute a criminal than to house and feed them for the rest of their lives. In this time of economic troubles, it makes sense to end the lives of the worst criminals rather than letting them live off the tax payers' dole for the rest of their lives.

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