Death penalty: Is capital punishment necessary for the families of victims?

  • If the victim's family desires it, it is necessary!

    Everyone has their own moral beliefs, but if a victim's family desires the death of their loved one's murderer, why deprive them of their wishes? No, it won't bring their loved one back to life, but for some there is a need for closure in order to be able to move on. The age-old tradition for reaching closure when someone you love is killed, is to kill the person that killed them. It's a desire arguably ingrained in human nature itself, and quite frankly makes sense. If a man's daughter is brutally raped and murdered, and the monster responsible is brought before the mourning father, chances are he'll want to beat the killer to death with his own bare hands. If taking the life of a cold blooded murderer will bring closure to a mourning father, who's innocent daughter lost her life at the hands of the killer, then what reason can there be to deny him that closure? The killer certainly deserves no mercy, he forfeited his human rights by robbing that poor girl of hers. To deny the father his closure, and use his taxpayer money to pay for the killer's lifelong food and shelter in prison, is a disgrace in my opinion.

  • Death penalty means the only satisfaction or compensation for the family of the victims.

    I am convinced that the capital panishment is not a solution to the problem of the murders. It can not solve anything. Newertheless, I understand capital punishment as the only punishment which is able to provide a compensation for the victim´s family. Besides to that capital punishment and the death of the murder can bring peace in their souls.

  • Families don't Need Capital Punishment to Heal

    The families of victims are irreparably changed by the actions of the criminal. Taking another life, however, will not restore the victim to the family. Sometimes, too, family members don't wish capital punishment on the criminals. Some extend forgiveness, while others find a lifetime of suffering behind bars a more ideal punishment than a quick death.

  • Revenge Solves Nothing

    While I'm sure most of the families of the victims initially want "an eye for an eye" revenge on the murderer, capital punishment solves nothing. The only time a victim's family will feel better about a situation like this would likely be if the murderer were to apologize to the family and for the to accept it and forgive. I'd say this is very unlikely in most of these situations but capital punishment solves nothing except costing the taxpayer more money than life imprisonment.

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