Death penalty: Is the death penalty a justifiable punishment?

  • Yes, it's a justifiable punishment.

    Personally, I wish that we didn't have to use the death penalty, and would prefer that people received life in prison. But I do feel that this should continue to be a state-decided issue, and that the people should have a say in what their state chooses to do with criminals. In some instances, people feel that it may help families have some closure, and in the most devious and evil of cases, it does sometimes seem like it could be justified, to make sure others are safe.

  • Some crimes warrant the death penalty

    Yes, I think that the death penalty is justifiable punishment in some cases. There are cases where multiple people are killed. Someone has lost there child, mother, father, etc. I believe in the punishment of an eye for an eye, or in the case of the death penalty, a death for a death. If more people were placed on death row for some of these crimes many of the crimes would most not likely occur.

  • The death penalty is a justifiable punishment.

    The death penalty is a justifiable punishment. The criminals that are sentenced the death penalty are usually cold-blooded killers that have no compassion for mankind at all. I think that it would be wrong to eliminate the death penalty because it keeps crime rates down knowing that a person could be sentenced to death.

  • Death Penalty is only justifiable in certain crimes

    The Death Penalty is only justifiable in certain crimes where the individual brutally and mercilessly murdered someone. The crime has to be to a very extreme degree where even the judge and juries can see that the accused had no mercy whatsoever. In most other cases, the death penalty should not be used.

  • It's a viable option.

    Some people are simply rotten and need to be disposed of. There's no point in warehousing or attempting to rehabilitate people who are remorseless killers. If there truly is an afterlife like religious people think there is, then sending that kind of criminal to meet their maker for a higher judgment is what we should do.

  • There are people that don't deserve to live.

    Absolutely! There are people in our society that are no better than diseased beasts. People without empathy or love. I believe that the justice system of America is woefully managed and that there should be a greater emphasis on rehabilitation. But some people cannot be rehabilitated. They're the sort to use every opportunity to manipulate and deceive people to get their way. Sometimes I feel our nation executes too many people. But when you have a situation like in Norway, where Anders Breivik who murdered almost 70 people, many of them children, and the maximum sentence for him is 20 years, It drives me crazy. Why? Why are people like him kept alive in comfort on the public's dime?

  • No it is not

    Two wrongs don't make a right, if you kill someone legally, you are killing them because they killed somebody, that is just ridiculous, if you kill a murderer with the death penalty, you are just a legal murderer,people shouldn't even have to kill them, because there is prison, so killing is pointless.

  • No,the death penalty is not a justifiable punishment.

    The death penalty is not a justifiable punishment for several important reasons.First of all only God can make the ultimate judgment regarding somebody's behavior.Second the system is very biased against minorities and the poor so they rarely get a fair trial so when it comes to taking someone's life that should just be left to God.

  • Not A Justifiable Punishment

    I do not believe that the death penalty is a justifiable punishment. I believe the death penalty should be banned because its not a punishment humans should inflict on humans, I find it to be an inhumane practice. I believe life in prison is a far worse fate and its one that is deserved by some, but not death.

  • Oh, Come On

    Ever hear the expression, "Two wrongs do not make a right."? The death penalty pretty well goes against all morals. "Oh, you killed someone? That's wrong so I am going to kill you." Does that really seem logical? It seems so medieval. Are we really not past this yet? It makes me wonder how the executioners feel. All the death penalty is is legal murder. How pointless.

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