Death penalty: Is the death penalty cruel and unusual punishment?

  • People are still people

    I don't agree with what they have done, obviously, but i still feel like we are all human, and no one would kill another person if they weren't sick anyways (other than self defense). They have health issues that we should try to help, and punish them by locking them up. We should not have the authority to kill them. The death penalty is cruel in my opinion, and i would not do that to someone unless if was a threat to my personal safety.

  • The Way They Do It

    I am Not sure of all the methods they have these days. I know they have lethal injection, the obvious one. I have always thought the quickest way and most humane way was just a bullet to the head. That is the way I would want to go, if I had a choice. The executioners seem to mess up at times, causing extreme pain to the outlaw. While many have done horrific crimes, we should not stoop down to their level.

  • No Place for Death Penalty in Civilized Society

    There is no place for the death penalty in a civilized society. It takes more taxpayer money to file appeals in death penalty cases than it does to keep prisoners locked up for a lifetime. Instead of putting criminals to death, the state should show a little compassion and keep these kinds of prisoners locked up their entire lives.

  • Because it's terrible!

    What if for example a man named Bill, 28 years old, got charged for killing a man, 17 years old. Bill was then put on death roll, and was going to be executed in 6 months. Bill in fact did not commit the crime that had been done, but now his life is going to be taken away from him. Maybe his lawyer wasn't that great, maybe someone set him up, MAYBE YOU SHOULD WATCH PRISON BREAK AND SEE WHERE I'M COMING FROM. - Thank you.

  • Life in prison is worse

    Imagine if you killed someone and had to spend all of those hours locked up, Regretting what you have done. Imagine hating the food you are served every day for the rest of your life. Imagine staring at a blank wall all day every day. Now imagine if you killed someone and got a painless injection that did not make you suffer like you made your victim suffer, It would be over in a second, You would simply fall asleep. People do not fear this.

  • No, its not

    What do we do with Americas worst offenders like Timothy McVeigh, Ted Bundy and Charles Manson (even though he was saved by the D.P. Suspension in 1972). The term cruel and unusual goes to what extent? If someone kills 20 people is it cruel and unusual for the offender to be put to death as well? Sure we could watch him rot in jail, but the implications that putting someone in jail for the rest of their life is not cruel and unusual is insane!

  • Not cruel and unusual punishment

    When people that have committed these heinous crimes and are put on death row, details of the case are usually broadcasted on news networks. The idea is to get people to see what happens when you commit such crimes, and therefore not make them want to commit these crimes in the first place.

  • No, life imprisonment is.

    Putting someone to death for a crime looks extreme and it should be used sparingly when a person has just about no possibility of rehabilitation and has done something awful and violent. Life imprisonment is the cruel and unusual punishment that serves no purpose except to keep him off the streets and to use up valuable resources.

  • Death Penalty Not Cruel or Unusual

    For the worst criminals, the death penalty is not cruel or unusual punishment by any means. The offender likely condemned another human being to death through murder after all. Death penalties are practical solutions to the problem of overcrowded prisons filled with remorseless murderers. Therefore, it's not cruel or unusual in any way.

  • The death penalty is not a cruel and unusual punishment.

    The death penalty is neither cruel nor unusual and it should remain in effect in some cases. For criminals who have themselves killed, it is only fitting that they suffer execution. Also, in history the death penalty has been very common. Execution for the most heinous crimes is not at all unusual.

  • No. A life sentence is sometimes not enough.

    No. Capital punishment is not only a viable sentence; but an extreme deterrent to keep people from committing seriously violent crime. I feel that people that commit violent crimes should be punished in same way that their victims did at their hands. Sometimes lethal injection is an easy way to die when that person's victims suffered a much less humane fate.

  • No, the death penalty is not cruel and unusual punishment.

    I believe that the death penalty is not cruel and unusual punishment. A lot of time people who get the death penalty have committed some heinous crime. What about their victims? Did they deserve to be raped, beaten or dismembered? The death penalty should be used more often and maybe there would be fewer murders in the world.

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