Death Sentence: Should Pakistani Mother be Forgiven for Honor Killing?

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  • No, she should not be forgiven.

    Murder is murder. Labeling it an honor killing because of outdated tribal traditions condones lawlessness in the name of culture. I find it disgusting that anyone can take a life. To do so and try to get out of it on supposed cultural beliefs is just a form of cowardice.

  • No, she should not be forgiven

    She committed a heinous crime against her own daughter and should be punished. Additionally, the Pakistani government needs to make an example of her and show others that this type of treatment of their daughters will not be tolerated. Forgiving her will send a dangerous message to others in that country and would fail to achieve justice for the girl that was honor killed.

  • No , she committed murder.

    Honor killings fall under the guise of an act of unfathomable self-sacrifice that obligates one to stop or prevent inevitable, permanent pain or harm inflicted upon someone else that would make their quality of life virtually worthless. I believe there are situations where these instances can truly occur. This case was not one of those situations. The motives behind this execution were selfish and based on radically misinformed idealism. That, combined with the torturous method used to carry out the act, classifies this killing as murder.

  • No, a breach of honor never justifies murder

    While I understand that honor killing is a cultural practice in some countries, I believe that no dishonor is worthy of death. Honor killing is a very old practice, and it is a response to a shameful action that the family believes cannot be righted. I will never understand how one family member could kill another. An act like this should never be overlooked.

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