Death toll from devastating ISIS truck bomb in Baghdad rises: Should the United States send more troops to combat ISIS?

  • Yes, ISIS must be stopped

    ISIS is a world-wide game changer. This organization has become a global threat, and there is not one nation that can sit comfortably and not worry about ISIS. Thus, a global collective must be established and a swift response is needed to completely eradicate them. Carpet bombing is not the answer, but decisive military tactics is the way.

  • All Hands On Deck

    Yes, the United States should send more troops to combat ISIS. While ISIS and similar groups will probably never be completely eliminated, all effort has to be made to stop them. The U.S. should not be the only country sending more troops, though. It should be a worldwide effort, or at least European.

  • No they shouldn't

    Even though the death toll from the devastating ISIS truck bomb in Baghdad is rising, I do not think that the United States should send more troops to combat Isis. We should not be fuelling any more fire, after all, it was America's fault that ISIS was created as they were all put together in the same prison.

  • No, the United States should not send more troops

    The battle with ISIS is not just a problem for the United States. This band of terrorists has pledged to take over the world and destroy other countries as well as the U.S. We should not send more troop but instead find ways to cut off ISIS communication, recruiting and their money supply.

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