DEBATE.ORG does not provide with a lot of thought provoking debates/opinions

Asked by: tru3story
  • Three more words

    "Who is more superior: Men or Women?" seriously? Is that a topic to discuss, or an opinion to state? Maybe... It's just plain moronic. And it's only one example. :D It might be quite entertaining, if you're in a certain trolling mood, I agree. OR is it a picture of rapidly degrading folks and we shouldn't take this stuff seriously, at all? If that's the case, I am far from being even mildly entertained. :(

  • It's only as good

    As you make it. Create a quality topic with a good premise and ask people in the forums if they want to debate you before tossing it out to the masses. Yes, there are a lot of kids who think it's funny to compare pokemon to minecraft and then not come back or whine about having too much homework. There are flat earth trolls and cheerleading is a sport and my-god-would-beat-up-your-god debates. But create your own if you want something better. It's user driven.

  • It doesn't and shouldn't be

    The purpose of this website is merely just that: debate. Oftentimes, there are debates that are silly enough to discuss but most of them have the category of "Funny." And mind you, there are many opinions in this site that provokes thought such as Does NASA lie to us? Does Bad Luck exist? And so forth.

  • BECAUSE reasons...AND ALSO

    This is a good website, it provides you with most of the time with educated, insightful arguments. Though sometimes, there is the occasional argument with one person who is a hater and starts an argument that is completely ridiculous and who have no actually observable facts to present(they usually use emoticons), but we just ignore them.

  • BECAUSE reason AND

    I want to bring it to 50/50 so people click in thinking it is a heated argument, but its not. I like Debate.Org, so don't ,think I am hating. The rest of this is filler a a a a a a i poo cat doge racoon, deadpool and finally, feces.

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