Debate. Org has become extremely toxic and dangerous.

Asked by: prepare2die
  • I absolutely agree

    I came onto debate. Org in order to have intelligent and cordial debates with an expansive network of people. Instead, We have people spouting the n-word like its nothing and saying that women should "fester in the feces of men". This has become a toxic and meaningless community of white supremacists and radical extremists.

  • Fuck no fam

    Look at all these beautiful opinion topics, From atheists burning in hell to racial segregation should be introduced, And everything in-between.

    They are opinions man, And you can't silence them. Besides your on the internet N I G G A, What did you expect to happen? . . . .

  • No snowflake grow up

    Any internet forum, And by extension any real life society/community is toxic. That's how the world has always been and always will be, Well until some super-intelligent AI takes control of the world.

    It's not dangerous, You won't get killed by browsing Debate. Org

    that's about it i got nothing more to say

  • That's what the Jews think.

    We need a place on the Internet that can be free of censorship. The Jews are trying to take down anything meaningful. We need places where people can speak their minds and not worry about being judged. Most people are just too sensitive. It is good that there are people on this website who are willing to speak up about race and gender.

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Anonymous says2019-06-17T08:16:13.827
To be far you need 3000 IQ to use debate. Org

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