• It very much is

    Look at the debates section right now and you see David_Nichols being a moron spammer. Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, Xenophobic, Everythingphobic people inhabit this website and just spew hate. Also that body-shaming war is a plot by one person to spam the opinion section and they are all made by one person. DDO is very unproductive and cancer

  • It is cursed.

    Whenever I open up Debate. Org all I see is unproductive crap about the body-shaming war. Or, There are almost no updates for anything. Opinions are cursed as they often either have sexist, Racist, Or just plain pointless crap that can get almost no discussion. I wish for more productive debates/opinions/polls. One example of a cursed opinion post is one that asks if women are pets. Please I wish for more productive posts in the future.


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