• I hate that fat@$$

    He made all the good people leave debate. Org he should be punished for his crimes. I would say get his mommy to put a blocker on his computer so he can't get on debate. Org anymore. Also get his mom to whoop his @$$ and force him to get job

  • Yes he made everyone leave

    Now this has just become a giant war like yahoo answers with no one around because the fat kid pissed everyone off and now the only person left is literally this fat kid. I’m really considering we do something about him for making a mess of this website and taking a wooden steak and putting it through the heart of debate. Org

  • You sir have destroyed debate. Org

    Now all we have on Debate. Org is pictures of fat people. I have had it with your body shaming. You have ruined the website and I am searching for another website you are a hypocrite and a ass hole. Care to comment on this you little creep? YOU ARE THE BIGGEST SPAMMER EVER ON DEBATE. ORG!

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