Debate.Org should be more proactive about deleting spam

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • They are doing nothing about the spam

    I have reported several users for posting astrology ads in the opinions section. From what i have seen Debate.Org administrators have done nothing about this. Could Debate.Org figure out whose IP address that is and block it from the website, please? Those spam ads are a real eyesore. The site admins should be more proactive about stopping it.

  • I have seen a lot of spam lately

    Websites, including this one, need some responsible staff to take care of issues like these. If these websites are left unattended, spammers will take advantage of the situation and these websites, especially this one, will be difficult to navigate through. If the staff of this website were more pro-active, when it comes to spam on this website, this website would be more organized and it would be easier to find actual debates.

  • It ruins the point of the website

    Last I checked, one of the key aspects of this website is that it tracks the ratio of "Yes:No" arguments. Kinda ruined when people decide to spam whatever they want into either side. The worst kind is of course when it's not even an argument they're spamming. Last I checked, the transcript of Pickle Rick had nothing to do with net neutrality.

  • Too much spam

    I have to scroll through 4 pages of spam before getting to actual content. This is after reporting much of it for weeks. Either reporting is being ignored or these are some pretty dedicated spammers. Hopefully this will get enough people that the developers will notice it. The spam needs to end before it gets too out of control.

  • So much spammed opinions

    I would love to be able to find opinions to comment on, right now there is more than two pages of spam about the same (I assume) scam. Debate.Org would be much more enjoyable if I didn't need to sift through that, This website also needs more mods. The spam is truly annoying.

  • The spam is detrimental to the health of the opinion section.

    The user responsible for the opinion spam has posted 31 completely identical "opinions" in the opinions section. This has had a degrading effect on the ability to reliably look for legitimate opinions. Despite the numerous times I have reported this person for this reason, the DDO staff have done nothing. Moderating the opinion section is a part of their JOB, and they must do their part in keeping it healthy and spam free.

  • Absolutely! It's very annoying!

    There's this one ad about wife lover mystic thing and it's annoying to have this ad all over the opinions section when I'm trying to get to ACTUAL opinions! All I see is this one stupid add. I keep reporting all of the ones I see but they keep coming! Something must be done.

  • It is getting me pissed.

    People are reporting it and yet it's still here. Wouldn't it make sense (at the very least) to limit the amount of posts someone can make in such a short time? Or if enough people report it they take it down for review?
    There are good ways to take care of this.

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