Debate org should not store passwords in plain text but as a salted hash!

Asked by: Verdorie1
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  • I agree completely.

    Passwords stored should always be illegible salted and ketchuped hash. Having clear passwords gives people the chance to take any password from this site and use the same username/password combo everywhere else. Sbubby eef freef would be ashamed of the legibility of the passwords on debate. Org. One two three yeet

  • The way passwords are stored is very insecure.

    Storing passwords in plain text is a stupid idea, If anyone with malicious intent gets access to the database they will be able to read out all the passwords and the associated email addresses. Since many people use the same password for all their accounts this means that everything is at risk. If you ever get a password emailed to you it means that the password is not stored securely and you might want to change it.

  • It is stupid.

    Salt hash is stupid. You expect everybody is a nerd like you? No. Don't even bother thinking those complicated passwords will be understand by all people. Those people choose a specific password because convenience. Being complicated isn't always good. Those faceless, Feelless machines will have random markings first, And it would take more time to decode some actual words. Because salt hash have a same chance of being decoded within real words, So there isn't really any reasonings why they should remember this much letters in seconds.

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