Debate. Org used to be somewhat decent and is now cancerous

Asked by: unicorngod
  • I can't believe what it has turned into

    Only longtime accounts can agree to this, Because so many people have troll accounts that post the most ridiculous debate topics. I'm not saying they didn't used to do that, But now there are barely ANY decent debates. My friends tell me to get off this site and I really should because I lose brain cells going on it.

  • I will be making the case that debate. Org is still a good debating site.

    Alright so in this debate i will be making the case that there is a decent amount of good debates on this site. I will not be claiming that there are no bad debates at all, Like for example this debate is an example of what you would see as a "ridiculous debate topic"[1]. But during this debate i will be proving that this site is not as "cancerous" as you might think.

    "But now there are barely ANY decent debates. "

    Alright i feel like this statements wrong and i will show you why. You claim there are "barely ANY decent debates" however i would have to disagree with this. For example this debate on if "Abiogenesis Is Impossible"[2] had both con and pro making good arguments on the topic and showing good conduct.

    Another example of a good debate in more resent times is this one[3]. In it con was able to show why pros position was wrong by presenting basic evidence by showing that "there is no lead in pencils and the 'lead' is actually graphite. "(however i would have sited sources but he still did make a good argument).

    Anyways i feel like this is more based on opinion since what one person might see as a bad debate someone else could see it as good.

    However i will let pro present his case.

    [1] https://www. Debate. Org/opinions/should-wild-horses-be-rounded-up-by-helicopter

    [2] https://www. Debate. Org/debates/Abiogenesis-Is-Impossible/1/

    [3] https://www. Debate. Org/debates/all-pencils-will-need-to-be-banned/1/

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