• Debate.Org has more intelligent answers than Yahoo Answers.

    I have been on Yahoo Answers numerous times and it seems like a lot of the answers on Yahoo Answers are just fully offensive or not even related to the questions being asked. There are some serious answers on Yahoo Answers but for the most part, there are also lots of trolls. For example, if someone on Yahoo Answers asked a question about sexism, a few people would probably respond with something irrelevant to the question or something offensive such as "Women can't be trusted" or "Men hug women so they can feel their breasts" or "Women just like to dress like sluts to please people" and much more. If a question on Yahoo Answers asks a question about racism, people will probably say things like, "DONALD TRUMP" or "Because black men have huge d***s" or "white males are just black wannabes" and more. Yahoo Answers is a great site to go to if you want to look up a quick question and search for lots of stupid questions and answers such as "Can hugging someone make me pregnant?", "Is groping okay?", "Why are all guys so smelly?", and much, much more. The answers on Yahoo Answers are usually made up of 70% trolls, irrelevant answers that have nothing to do with the question, offensive comments, excessive cussing, spamming, and false advertising and 30% intelligent answers, answers that actually relate to the question, and non-offensive comments. Also, there are always questions that are reported on Yahoo Answers when they're not even inappropriate. People are more likely to take you seriously on Debate.Org. Also, the answers on Debate.Org are usually more detailed, relevant, and intelligent then the answers on Yahoo Answers. Of course there are trolls on Debate.Org but not as many as the trolls on Yahoo Answers.

  • Hey, its more well rounded, and not full of fascist idiots reporting content they dont like

    Like there is liberal, conservative, libertarian, and all kinds of intelligent people who can actually give real answers. Sure, there are fascist idiots here too, but hey, we dont want to fall into their fascism by trying to get rid of them. Unlike YA, which is ran by fascist trolls who report for stupid crap cause the poor baby dont like it. Tell me, what kind of decent nation allows crybabies to have the power to get people arrested? Or what kind of companies allows crybabies to get people fired? NONE. SO FU YAHOO ANSWERS

  • Great website for younger children 10~up.

    This website lets children ask questions that they are afraid to ask other people. Kids can ask educational questions or personal questions. The great part is that you can go on it even when your not a member. For some kids that are rather shy it lets them express them selves and that's what parents want to see.

  • is more valid. is much more valid than yahoo answers. On yahoo answers, the answers are rarely moderated and anyone can post a response and sometimes the answers include vulgarity and irrelevant opinions. is more serious and moderated and the answers are always more relevant to the questions that are asked.

  • I don't know

    What I am saying yes or no to. But as a basis of judging, both entities are different. Yahoo answers can be a useful tool, because it is used by many people with good knowledge on broad subjects. Also it initially pops up in most search results, which makes it easy to find most answers. On debate.Org, you can generally get good answers too. But you will probably get trolled a bit at the same time. People tend to answer newcomers questions with wit, rather than seriousness.

    Posted by: TUF

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abyteofbrain says2013-12-14T02:09:10.013
Firstly, phillosophy? Seriously? Secondly, they serve different purposes.