Debate.Org's policy to publicly show age is great!

Asked by: mimibrightzola
  • Even though some people may lie about their age… I think it's really nice to see the age of your debater.

    For example, people can't make false claims about their age, and it is refreshing to know the age of others and their view on their opinions. It never quite fails to amaze me of the broad variety of opinions in different age levels.
    Some people may argue that it is a safety haphazard, but if someone has a issue they can lie about his/her age a little bit, but for the most part most people already make a lot of information public, and I believe knowing others ages is amazing especially how Debate.Org coaxes you to submit your real age for your best interest. Hehe

  • No, It Is Not

    I'm sure that many users on this Site are not as old as they claim to be. I, for instance, am not as old as my account currently says I am.
    If users were required to insert their real ages, there would be ageist discrimination against younger (and perhaps older) users.

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GWL-CPA says2014-04-05T03:54:21.420
Only 46% report their ages; and there is no guarantee that those are correct because age verification is not required. Go look at the age bar chart, it only adds up to 46%.