Debate points supporting on Development in Science and Technology will always leads to Disasters

  • Development in Science and Technology will always lead to Disasters

    1. Disasters could be natural or induced by human processes
    2. For example we can take vehicles are introduced by technology now they are polluting our environment and causes problems
    3. And factories are also polluting our environment
    4. And electronics are damaging environment
    5. And for everything we are using plastics and not throwing in bins those leads to damage our environment
    6. Not only these examples we can take many example on this topic

  • I would say a few, Instead of "always"

    According to the Cambridge university: Disaster means (an event that results in) great harm, Damage, Or death, Or serious difficulty. I could not see how development in science and technology always leads to disasters. Of course everything has pros and cons. Most of our inventions have more pros than cons (Or we wouldn't have used it ofc. . ) This is so irrelevant and stupid. Ty for reading

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