Debaters make better spouses: Are debaters generally better at solving crises than other people?

  • Debaters solve crises better

    While participating in debates does not completely guarantee that an individual is essentially better at solving crises than others, it definitely gives an individual a head start. Within the realm of debate, individuals are encouraged to formulate arguments founded in factual information that is then used to their advantage. Being able to evaluate all present information and formulate an opposing argument is fundamental in debate and especially in problem solving instances.

  • Debaters Get to Heart of Issues

    Debaters, whether for one opinion or another, often get to the bottom of things with research and well-thought-out arguments. In a crisis, these traits can be handy in a pinch. President Obama is one such person--he debates various issues before settling on a plan of action. Unlike his predecessor, he values input from more than one source of information before using military action in a crisis situation.

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