Debating the existence of God is a pointless exercise!

Asked by: Furyan5
  • This debate has continued for centuries with no resolution. Every argument has already been put forward. Why repeat them?

    We all have our preconceptions and these limit our ability to view anything objectively. The definition of stupidity is repeating the same action and expecting a different result. Getting more votes only means more people agree than disagree with your statements. You may be right, or the world just has more idiots. Either way, having such a debate and using the same arguments is stupid, and people who do so, are idiots.

  • Spending Life Trying to Find the Meaning of Life is Pointless

    There is no proof that a god exists, however, there is no proof that a god doesn't exist. If humans were meant to know the answer then we would know surely without a doubt, but we don't, no one does. The fact that there are hundreds of religions all claiming to be the right one shows us the doubt and confusion. The religious extremists who damn everyone who doesn't follow their religion are acting out of fear and confusion. Spending life worshipping a god which has no proof of existence and has not presented itself is pointless and humorous. We don't know the answer, so what do we have but to live life as it is.

  • If Christians are right, it has a point, if not no.

    If Christians are correct that there is a God, converting people matters, and therefore debating it does as well.

    If there is no God, then debating it is highly illogical, especially on the atheists' account.

    In a Godless universe, you can end up as two things. Ash or worm food. Your legacy means nothing. You can spend your life working a tedious job so your genetic offspring have a healthy dopamine balance. Then they die and are reduced to ash or worm food, just like everybody else. A few million years go by, and either the human race is extinguished, or our worm food and ash has spread around the Milky Way. So basically, we would be a self-destructive (I think both Christians and Atheists can agree we have a tendency to be self-destructive) mess, either contained on our planet or spreading elsewhere.

  • What is the point of debating the existence of God?

    When two human beings take debate and argue over and over again about an issue in which the end point is always futility, it simply cannot any longer be about the original issue, but some other psychological need or mechanic that has supplanted itself, even if unconsciously, as the prime directive.

    Is it logical to draw a conclusion born of endless experience, such as the conclusion that arguments on god lead nowhere all of the time, yet continue to deny it via further argument? So when an intellectual, who so cherishes reason does this, they jump off the track of reason, even while accusing another of having done so. Their premise for moving forward is no longer born of reason as their experience and knowledge of this speaks to something different than what they persist on pursuing. They really do know there will be no change in the other person's perspective. The person who is in defense of their belief system also knows they will not convince the other, but they are pretty much commanded to preach. The exception is the one upon a spiritual, and not a religious journey. A spiritualist will not have the need to engage in the same way. They will answer questions or give opinions when asked usually. Even if the debate is between two theists upon some principle in their holy book, or interpretation of scripture, I have never seen anyone who, having concluded an emotionally charged scenario is vulnerable or open enough to accept possibility beyond their own perceptions of reality. A debate is NOT a safe place to change heartfelt beliefs. To witness this, I feel would be rare, and one of the people would have to value truth more than self superiority.

    *Therefore, to my mind debate about god and religion is so deeply felt, and ultimately so futile, that pursuing it irregardless is akin to taking out emotional frustration by fighting at recess. Trying at least to get a punch in for some type of satisfaction.* This easily could have just been my answer.

    Since reality is perceptual, and we each have a personal paradigm to which we adhere, trying to insert one paradigm into another defiant paradigm, and getting angry when you can't eventually leads to the level of the emotional maturity of each. If they are grown up enough, they'll finally 'get it', and just walk away, if not begrudgingly. If not, heckling will pursue and growing emotional frustration over mechanics of reason and mechanics of belief will sustain yet another round of battling windmills.

  • God exists but it cant be proved by materialistic exiistance

    God is a belief not a law.
    Beliefs are unchangeable..
    Most of the people believe in god but some are there who doesn't believe in god.
    The PEOPLE who are in favor of existance of god has many points to persuade others but the people who don't believe in god have equal no points to dis-satisfy the pros' points.
    And as belief is unchangeable then both groups would fall into conflict and no conclusion will be followed...



  • It's done a lot of good.

    A lot of people have given up on their religion because they've seen how ridiculous it is, thanks to these types of debates. We're able to advance society and technology and humanity more, when less people blindly believe in something that hasn't been proven to exist.

    There's nothing wrong with being religious and having a belief, but when you start to put all you have into it and have your "faith" in "God" instead of other people or something has been proven to exist... Then it starts to become detrimental.

    It's also fun to debate if you're an atheist or agnostic because you'll win LOL

  • How is it pointless if the arguments have a chance to change people's belief?

    Clearly some people will refuse to accept the argument due to their biased and their beliefs but you act as if these types of debates have never been resolved which is far from the truth. I was originally a christian who stop being one after reading a couple of debates and doing the research myself. The point is that although the debate will probably keep going on until we gain an sufficient amount of the beginning of time, the debates do in fact help and encourage open minded individual to do their own research instead of getting force fed all their information from generation to generation.

  • It's Intellectually Enlightening.

    It enlightens a lot of people. Can both strengthen their beliefs, change their beliefs, give them more things to think about, and allows others to learn new things that they didn't previously. It's not insignificant or pointless.

    Plus, it's fun for both crowds and allows new perspectives on this very discussed debate.

    Fluff ^^

  • There are no dumb questions - in anything.

    Everything is up for debate. That's how I like to operate with just about everything. Discuss, discuss, discuss. That's the only way to find some kind of subjective truth. Being open to new ideas, even if they make you angry or make you question everything you know. That's what it's all about. I was a pretty hardcore Baptist until I started to allow myself to really think about the argument from a objective point of view (although I don't think there is objectivity in anything). It certainly wasn't pointless for me.

    The only time it's pointless is when you close yourself off and make it pointless. I used to believe in a lot of things I don't anymore and discussing them and debating them is the only proper way to sort bad ideas from good ones.

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steffon66 says2015-09-11T10:32:01.660
Well that depends. Debating makes it possible to form much better views so if it helps with that then it isnt pointless. Also it allows us to see others views and "premises"understanding them or not and attempting to refuting them. But what happens if you cant refute them? I wouldnt know because that hasnt happened to me before by a theist at least on god morality etc. which the religious ones are completely irrational about.
Furyan5 says2015-09-11T10:48:04.843
I understand that, but then why have a debate where you virtually copy and paste views already expressed? Do you expect a different outcome? Would someone who never believed a statement change their mind the second time they hear it?