Debbie Wasserman Schultz Booed: Will this e-mail scandal cause a rift in the Democratic Party?

  • Yes, it will.

    There are already rifts and problems in the Democratic Party and the e-mail scandal is making them deeper. It is very clear that a two-party system does not work in the United States, and there need to be some bigger changes. We are not either/ or on any other issue, so why should we be in politics.

  • The Democratic Party will only splinter further after email scandal

    Just when you thought the Democratic Party had had its fair share of email scandals, another one came out of the woodwork. Hackers released thousands of emails through WikiLeaks that revealed the Democrats had unfairly favored Hillary Clinton in the primaries. This will only disrupt an already fractured Party by making the Bernie Sanders supporters even angrier at those who are "Ready for Hillary."

  • Yes, there should be a "rift" in the Democratic Party

    I believe that this country needs to be run by honest people. So far, I have yet to see an actual candidate (other than Bernie Sanders) that is being completely honest with us about their intentions of running this country. I think that the Democratic Party is currently belittling themselves and causing more tension by showing how incompetent they are to run a nation simply based on simple technological problems such as emails and rigging. I'm not sure how we are allowing these people to continue to run for office when they are being found out for such idiotic acts.

  • No, the email scandal won't cause a rift in the Democratic Party

    There is already a large rift in the Democratic Party, one not caused by Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the email scandal, but by a lack of unification behind one candidate. Lack of unification by the Democratic Party might be what gifts the White House to Donald Trump. The email scandal, while unfortunate, particularly in its timing, might be used as an excuse for the rift between members of the party, but I don't believe it's a cause of the rift. The rift between Democrats has been ongoing since Bernie Sanders lost the nomination and refused to drop out of the race.

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