Debris from a 777 airplane found on Reunion Island: Do you think we'll ever know what really happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370?

  • Experts Unravel Mystery of Flight MH370

    The debris found holds all the information needed to piece together what happened to flight MH370. The material will provide minute clues through its composition, decay and current state. Experts will use their collective experience and the gathered investigative knowledge to glean all the definitive answers needed to hypothesize a clear trajectory of what happened on this ill-fated flight.

  • No, very unlikely to find evidence.

    Even if the black box is ever found for the airplane, it may not give concrete evidence as to what happened to the plane. In all likelihood, the majority of the wreckage will never be found. It is a mystery that will likely only be solved by asking someone on the plane. Chances are, they have all long since passed away.

  • MH370 dip at an angle of 90 degrees

    A team of mathematicians conclude that the Boeing 777 was likely to dip at an angle of 90 degrees. This conclusion was drawn after they perform a number of computer simulations.

    These experts say, this theory is the only scenario that allows the aircraft body is not blown to pieces when it hit the water surface. That is why nobody found debris or former oil spill since the plane vanished in March last year.

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