• IPad sales are declining as newer tablets reach the market.

    Tablets such as the Microsoft Surface Pro 3, Google Nexus 7, the Galaxy Tab S, and the Galaxy Note Pro are becoming all the rage these days because of the difference in both price, OS, and Internal Hardware.
    Not only that, there is barely any change between the old and new iPad, except for speed increase. A lot of people that I know are leaving the iPad behind when they upgrade their tablets because they want a different experience with their tablets than what they've been getting.

    Once Apple revamps the iPad enmasse, sales will most likely increase, but for now it's kind of a boring option for consumers.

  • Yes and No

    I don't think ipads are going anywhere too soon. However, there is alwasy demand for new, bigger (or smaller), better and the tech companies do not disappoint (as they are laughing all the way to the bank.) Truth is, we are hooked on technology and cannot imagine a worled with it.

  • All technology is numbered

    We are always introducing new and improved technology. The Ipads days are numbered, because something bigger and better, or smaller and better will soon come to make the ipad obsolete. Even apple makes modifications to the ipad, it will be a different model, plus all the new upgrades rendering older models useless, I'd say it shall be sooner rather than later.

  • iPad bowing to competitors

    With a lack of flexibility now being found in other tablets and the high price making it cost prohibitive, I believe market share will decline. The technology in a tablet is becoming much more common and more cost effective to produce. As demand rises, and those factors affect product, prices will drop and consumers will be looking for the greatest value. Only the most loyal of Apple users may still see value in the product.

  • No, I don't believe they are.

    I think this may be a case where iPads have already over saturated the market. Everyone that is going to buy a tablet has already bought them and they just need to wait for a new generation to start buying. Most people I know have iPads instead of other branded tablets.

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