Declining profits for leading smartphone manufacturers: Is increased competition good for the industry?

  • Yes, increased competition is good for the industry, especially for consumers.

    Just as with just about any industry, too little competition is almost never a good thing. In the case of the smartphone industry, in the wake of the revelation that was the iPhone, Apple has had few serious competitors outside of Samsung. Now, the market could use a few more major players to help level the playing field.

  • Yes, smartphone competition breeds ingenuity, which is good for the industry as a whole.

    Increased competition in the smartphone industry is a good thing. Competition keeps designers of smartphones "on their toes," as the saying goes. As each smarthphone company strives to keep market share, they innovate features that users desire, therefore improving their products. With each new innovation that one smarthphone incorporates, the industry as a whole improves because other smartphone companies try to "one-up" the last guy and make their products better.

  • Competition is good for smartphones

    Over the past couple years, more and more lesser known manufacturers have entered the smartphone market, resulting in a surge in the availability of mid-range smartphones. This has been positive for consumers, who have more choices in selecting a phone that meets their needs and budgets. The biggest players in the industry are currently experiencing a slow down, but as the market adjusts to the new landscape the overall industry will thrive.

  • Not good for them

    But good for us! We, the consumers, will get more options. They will also probably have to bring the prices down to be more competitive. It might cause them to lose money, but in all honesty, I think they have made quite a bit of money off of us already. I do not feel bad for them.

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