Decriminalizing marijuana possession: Would decriminalization benefit law enforcement?

  • Law Enforcement Can Focus

    I believe the decriminalization of marijuana possession is a great benefit to law enforcement. For many years, law enforcement has had to enact the War on Drugs, in the streets. Many times the catch dangerous criminals who are involved with a myriad of drugs, but all too often they are faced with arresting mild mannered people who simply like to smoke a little bit of marijuana.

  • Law Encorcement Aided by Legal Weed

    Law enforcement agencies around the country would benefit from the legalization of marijuana. These officers would no longer have to battle a losing war against drug dealers and other criminals. Therefore, they could focus upon combating more important issues like human trafficking and more serious drugs without having to worry about weed.

  • Yes it would benefit law enforcement.

    Decriminalizing marijuana possession would help law enforcement by making it one less tedious law that they have to enforce. It would allow them to focus on bigger and worse crimes then having to chase down some kid who is smoking. This would benefit both sides and law enforcement would see an increase in productivity.

  • It would open law enforcement up for more serious crimes

    Yes, decriminalizing marijuana possession would benefit law enforcement as well as society. Instead of processing paperwork for a mere possession of marijuana, police can focus on bigger crimes. Law enforcement is already in short demand, one less minor issue to deal with can help reduce crime and solve cases that are still open.

  • Yes it would.

    I think that the decriminalization of marijuana would benefit law enforcement workers by allowing police to go after "real" criminals. There is no reason to spend time and money arresting people for smoking a plant that is relatively harmless. It has never killed a person and doesn't cause people to commit crimes, so cops should leave them alone!

  • ...and, We're still talking about Refer Madness...

    Decriminalizing marijuana possession would not only benefit our law enforcement, it would also stop the ridiculous charges people face when caught with this medicinal herb. If marijuana possession was not illegal, police forces would have more time to focus on the real crimes happening. There would be more room in jails and prisons for people who deserve to be there.

  • No, it is a dangerous drug.

    No, decriminalizing marijuana possession would not benefit law enforcement, because they would be even busier dealing with all of the fallout of people using marijuana. Marijuana is still very dangerous. Since it has been legalized in some states, those states have seen a sharp rise in incidents of driving while high. This creates problems for police.

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