Delhi gang-rape: Should the youngest of the convicts be put to death like the others?

  • Same crime, same penalty.

    If he was convicted of the same level of offense as the others, then I think he probably should be put to death like the others. If you make a special exception for his age, then that sends out entirely the wrong message, that as long as you are young enough, you can get away with rape.

  • All of the convicted Delhi Gang Rape Criminals Should Be Put To Death, Including the Youngest.

    Unlike the United States India does not have a constitutional prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment. Since it is within the cultural normal and legally acceptable to put a minor to death the verdict of the sentencing court to death should be imposed. The convicted didn't show any mercy to the victim, non should be given them.

  • What do you think

    Yes, if he is old enough to rape a female why should he not have to suffer for his part in the crime. He's old enough to participate and egg on the others he should have to pay for the consequences of his actions. He didn't just stand by and not participate, he did participate so he should suffer the same consequences as the others which is death. If he just watched than I would say no.

  • All Share Equally in Crime

    All of the members of the New Dehli gang-rape case deserve the same criminal fate for their involvement in the brutal crime. It was horrible and reprehensible as to what happened, and even worse that no one on the bus tried to do anything to stop it. The gang knew exactly what it was doing and everyone should be punished equally.

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