Delta to offer free entertainment on U.S. flights: Should Delta offer free wi-fi (yes) or continue in-flight movies instead (no)?

  • This is modern times people

    This is the modern era where internet is EVERYTHING! A sparse collection of bad movies isn't anything compared to the ability to choose any entertainment the internet offers. I try to avoid going on flights with free movies and stuff because they're the kind of bad that is enjoyable in the moment but in the long run it's better to avoid. Having internet would change this completely.

  • Delta Airlines should offer Wi-Fi instead of the in-flight movies.

    In today's times, the average person does have an electronic device- be it a phone, tablet, or laptop. The option of free Wi-Fi in flight offers a more personalized form of entertainment or even work than the in-flight movie does. Most people in general would probably prefer to be able to use the Wi-Fi to pass the flight time doing whatever they want rather than watch a movie that is chosen for them.

  • Yes, I believe Delta should offer free wifi.

    Smart phones, laptops, and portable devices that support wifi is new thing in this day and age. Every one is on the trend of electronic devices and being able to access the Internet from these devices is ideal. When the general public is out and about and want to do research or just surf the web, wifi is way more convenient to do this. A lot of major companies already offer wifi and i think its best for Delta to get on the same agenda. Wifi would be more convenient for passengers to relax on their flights, as well as generate even more sales with this option. Why not?, A lot of Bus Travel companies offer it.

  • Delta should offer free wi-fi

    More people would be attracted to the option of personally choosing what type of entertainment to indulge in as they pass the time on a flight than would enjoy a "one-size-fits-all", pre-selected movie option. Delta should offer passengers this more flexible option and they would see their sales numbers increase.

  • Free wi-fi on Delta Airlines, great decision.

    Delta Airlines should offer their customers on the plane free wi-fi. This is not only a great gesture, but for those that are afraid of flying; this would help with the anxiety. You would be able to stay in touch with your family and friends, as if they are right beside you.

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