• Free Entertainment is Smart

    Too many airlines are nickle and diming their customers to death. Consumers are getting sick and tired of all the extra charges. I think Delta is smart to offer free entertainment. It will define them from all the other airlines and make it seem like a better value to consumers.

  • In flight entertainment may improve business

    Flying can be stressful for some people. Distractions would be welcome. What better way to address this than free in-flight entertainment? Free in-flight entertainment may improve business by attracting new customers and repeat customers with this perk. For those who don't enjoy flying or those who are stuck on very long flights, this perk may be the ticket to getting them to buy.

  • Yes, I believe it will.

    I think anything that helps an airline stand out among its competitors will be a good thing for the business. I think people are often bored on flights and are sick of having to pay for everything, so this would be a nice little perk. I think families will appreciate it the most.

  • In-flight entertainment is something all airline passengers would enjoy

    Delta's recent decision to provide free in-flight entertainment will undoubtedly be good for their business. One of the main issues many people have with flying is the boredom that ensues once on the plane. Many airlines offer services to help alleviate these, but most cost money. By offering free in-flight entertainment, Delta has seperated its service from other airlines.

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