Demand for hotel rooms rising: Is the travel industry, particularly hotels, finally recovering after the recession?

  • The hotel industry seems to be booming here in the U.S.

    Although I'm not sure what it means for world travel, and the travel industry as a whole, as someone who has to travel a bit for business, I have definitely taken notice that many hotels in the U.S. are either booked, or filled to a much higher capacity than they were a couple of years ago. As far as business goes, there will always be a demand for hotels in that respect. But with leisure travel, it seems most people are still traveling. Many families who are on a tight budget are opting for shorter trips closer to home as well. People still need to "get away" now and then, and seem to be doing so in ways that better fit their budget.

  • Demand for Hotel Rooms indicates rise in Travel Industry

    An increased demand for hotel rooms indicates the travel industry may be recovering post-recession. As consumers have a little bit of spending cash available, travel may be one way to alleviate the stress of the recession. The travel industry may recover more quickly than other industries counting on consumer spending.

  • Yes, greater demand means that people are more willing to travel

    If the demand for hotel rooms is rising, that means more people want to visit places. If more people are visiting, other services like transit companies--air travel, trains etc... are going to see a rise in demand as well. This is good news for everyone involved in the travel industry and probably a sign that their jobs and wages are secure.

  • Bounceback Hotels in Big Cities

    Hotels are cutting prices left and right, the economy is starting to rise slowly. People once again feel safe spending a little saved up cash on vacation trips and endeavors. You also have to think that only the hotels inside the big cities are the ones bouncing back. That's where all the money ends up.

  • Not necessarily for Travel

    Where I live, the demand for hotel rooms is because Oil Field workers rent them as long term housing, and the demand has skyrocketed during our oil boom. I just wanted to let everyone know that just because demand for room is going up dosen't mean the travel industry is.

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