• Cut the Cancer Out Early

    It is better to take those kind of distractions away earlier than later and risk it derailing an entire season. If the man has that much anger towards his own team, he clearly needs a fresh start to get ahold of himself. Trade him to a team with strong leadership and reap in some draft picks.

  • Yes, the Kings should trade Cousins.

    DeMarcus Cousins is not have a very successful season playing for the Kings. In fact, his lack of success on the court has hurt the Kings season dramatically. Therefore, the Kings should consider trading Cousins for a better player that can help the team win games. The Kings have every right to trade Cousins if a better opportunity presents itself.

  • Yes he should go

    Having to fine a player is never good, that in itself shows they are a problem. The team must be treading on eggshells now wondering what he is going to say next after his recent rants. You can't have that going on long-term so it is definitely time for them to move him out.

  • They have not had success.

    The Kings have not had success with cousins, so it is time to try something new. Something might look great on paper, but in the end it doesn't gel. The Pistons were so successful in the 1990s, not because they had great individual players, but because they came together as a team. That just hasn't happened with Cousins.

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