Dementia "Truman Show" village: Should the illusion of normal living be a goal of Alzheimer's doctors?

  • Yes, it should.

    The Alzheimer's patients in the "Truman Show" village are not on TV or otherwise exploited in any other way. It is an impressive and innovative treatment option. They are given the opportunity to live a normal live and do not have many of the same problems that other Alzheimer's patients have.

  • Dementia "Truman Show" village: No, the illusion of normal living should not be a goal of Alzheimer's doctors.

    The illusion of normal living should not be a goal of Alzheimer's doctors. Alzheimer's doctors should not entertain any type of treatment or arrangement that could confuse the dementia patients further. Although the idea of the illusion of normal living for Alzheimer's patients could seem like a helpful idea to comfort the patients, if something should go wrong and the illusion be exposed, this could be very traumatic and damaging and cause severe confusion for dementia patients.

  • Deception is not the answer

    Although it seems to be a charitable act and an idea without too many downsides I do not believe that the illusion of normal-living should be a primary goal of Alzheimer's Doctors. Although a preferable solution is not easy to find it is a question that we as a society should address.

  • No, doctors treating Alzheimer's should be focused upon treating the symptoms of the disease.

    In treating Alzheimer's, doctors should focus upon mitigating the symptoms of the disease related to memory and cognitive functioning of the mind. Attempting to create an illusion of normalcy does a disservice to the patients in that it denies the reality of their situation and does not allow for progress in healing their minds.

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